You are welcome to have a rest in the homestead resort in any season. In the spring you will be able to enjoy the awakening of nature or admire trees and fields turning green. In the summertime you may have fun baking in the sun, swimming, fishing, boating, exercising, riding a bike on forest trails, picking up berries, walking in the forest, or spending wonderful evenings at a fireplace. In the autumn your heart will be refreshed by the range of autumn colours; also you will be able to bring home baskets full of mushrooms. It is wonderful to stay in Marguoliai in the wintertime too. We invite you to sledge down the hills and to ski. For those who like fishing we offer ice-fishing. In the evening you may sit down and have a talk with your friends. It is nice to get hot in the sauna and to have a swim in the pond in all seasons of the year.    


A large sports ground is available in the homestead resort. There is a modern basketball court with rubber flooring, also volleyball, football, and badminton playgrounds. There is much to do for both, big companies and individual holidaymakers. Young guests may have fun in the playgrounds or swinging on swing sets.   

Ice fishing

Fly fishing lovers may try to catch a take of their dream in the lake located in the territory of the homestead resort in the summertime as well as in the wintertime. Moreover, fishing may be organized in the surrounding waters at request. You will be able to smoke-dry the caught fish in the smoker installed in the homestead resort. 

It is possible not only to swim, but also to boat in the lake and ponds, as well as to ride a bike on forest trails around the homestead. 

Winter games

If the weather turns bad, one can play billiards, ping-pong, darts or different table games. 

In the wintertime the Marguoliai homestead resort offers entertainment for the cold season: sledging, skiing, or ice-hockey. Playing football in a snow-covered field is also a venturesome and memorable game. After an active rest it is great fun to get hot and restore your body strength in the sauna .

The homestead management will supply all equipment necessary for spending your leisure time.